The Blue Rose Cycle


This Friday’s session will mark eight months precisely since we sat down with Narya, Thomas, Zan, Bungle, Iroquois and Ember on their final initiate test to investigate strange disappearances in the town of Quell.

Take a moment this week to think about all we have done as characters in this world, and how much things have grown over nearly 30 sessions. The roster of players has changed a bit, (for the better) the characters themselves have morphed dramatically, and the world around us has been enlightened and explored and come crashing down and left behind, only to open more doors and other worlds.

I look forward to each Friday all week. We have taken this journey together for a long time, through roads old and new and I while it hasn’t been easy to make room in our busy lives for at least 5 hours a week, I can honestly say that we have done admirably.

It has only gotten better and better.

As people we have managed to consistently achieve something very rare; something I take as a deep honor to be a part of, and something that warrants congratulations and celebration.

We play Dungeons and Dragons.

I love this game. I love you for playing it with me. Thank you.




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