An imposing mercenary with a hunger for a challenge, Zan joined the Order Custodis looking for a fight...


Description Zangetsu is a human male in his early 30’s but with a lifetime of battles already under his belt. Tall for a human, Zangetsu stands an imposing 6’2. His long auburn hair is pulled back in a tight knot at the back of his head. His eyes are light blue and his face is largely impassive. His clothes are travel worn and earthen hued. A battered and beaten breastplate bears witness to many battles while the only adornment he wears is the long flowing crimson palluda from his shoulders. Strapped across his back is an enormous greatsword crafted from folded eternum so that the blade appears to glow with a dim blue light.


Background Originally from a small town just north of Nexus, Zan left home in his early teens to escape a monotonous future working on the family farm. He spent several years on the streets of Nexus as a beggar. In time he came to realize that his physical strength could be turned for a profit. Zan stole his first sword from a drunken Green-cloak and soon found employment as a merchant’s bodyguard. His years working as a mercenary for the highest bidder gave him plenty of experience and a healthy sense of skepticism when it came to causes worth fighting for. Fighting was fighting, whether it was in the name of a noble cause or just nobility. For Zangetsu, the thrill of battle was its own reward, being paid was a happy bonus. During this time, Zan met a kindred spirit in the form a rare half-orc with a mysterious past. Calling himself Torrim Reckitt, this hulking beast of a humanoid was a creature of pure instinct and rage in the midst of battle. Taking an immediate liking to the stranger, Zan and Reckitt adventured together for several years, tackling some of the jobs that few other mercenaries were willing to take. Theirs was a competitive relationship with each striving to outdo the other in various shows of strength and bravado. They eventually parted ways when promising contracts proved too good to refuse, Reckitt headed east and Zan went west.

The Order The Order Custodis drew Zan’s attention first while he was serving under a local lord. The lord had procured a powerful First Age artifact that he hoped to use to carve out his own independent kingdom inside the Wall. Zan was hired on to serve as bodyguard to the power-hungry lord. Zangetsu’s contract ended abruptly when a group of Order members stormed the lord’s fortress and made off with machinimagi. The lord was promptly apprehended by Greencloaks and Zan was out of a job. The power of the Order greatly impressed Zangetsu who had grown bored with the life of a mundane mercenary. Service in the Order, with its slaying of monsters and delving into the secrets of the past, promised a new world of thrills for Zangetsu. With this idea in mind, Zangetsu made his way back to Nexus and the streets of his adolescence where he applied himself to the task of gaining entry into the vaunted Order Custodis.

His Fate Zangetsu was assigned to a party within the Order comprised of several other new initiates. In their adventures his strong arm and skilled blade served the party well. Zangetsu eventually met his end during the party’s escape from the Incarnum Plane. As the Lady Valiant emerged from the Soulwell, the ship was besieged by grasping tentacles of pure necrocarnum. Several surviving Order Members were snatched up within moments, Thomas Hardwill amongst them. Zangetsu, his blade weakened and near breaking in this new world, threw himself into the fray and cut Thomas free before he could be dragged overboard. Zan himself, however, was not so lucky. His blade, which had served the party through so many battles, finally shattered. Sensing easy prey, the necrocarnum quickly snatched Zangetsu and dragged him from the deck. Zangetsu’s last words were to Thomas, urging him to protect the others and get away.


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