Sháel Taralóm

Lighthearted and reckless, Sháel is a young student of the Arcane seeking to unravel the mystery behind his inherent sorcerery. Every adventure brings him closer to understanding the truth and, perhaps, his destiny...


Sháel Taralóm is a young eladrin male, full of energy and boyish charm. He stands at about 5’8” with a fit lean body. His green eyes are complemented nicely with shoulder length shaggy blonde hair and a strong jaw line. Sháel travels lightly wearing a charcoal grey cloth trench-coat buttoned from the chest down to just below his waistline and wraps his red palluda around his neck and shoulders like a loose scarf. His dearest possession is a broken old sword which is his only physical proof of the lineage he might be descendant from.


The Academy

All his life, Sháel has struggled to figure out who he was. As an infant, Shael, an eladrin male, was abandoned just outside the grounds of the Academy of the Arcana in Nexus. The Sages found him beside an old broken sword, its blade dulled and shattered inches from the hilt with a strange symbol on the pommel. As the baby wailed, a strange red glow began to emit from the pommel and to the shock of the Sages, strands of grass surrounding the infant began to ignite into flames. The wisest among them, the elf Voran Dekus Taralóm the Patient, recognized the symbol and it’s possible meaning for the infant before him. Voran and the Sages took in the child and began a long process of raising him as a student in the Arcane.

The infant grew to be Shael Taralóm, a jovial boy and diligent student who displayed keen understanding of magical arts. So inherent was his ability, he would soon conjure spells without the aid of tomes or arcane components. Aracana focusing with the fire elements seemed to be his specialty. Growing up in the Academy, while highly enlightening for a young mind, was also very sheltered and Sháel certainly developed a social awkwardness about him. It wasn’t that he was bashful or reserved, on the contrary, he was just tactless at times. As future adventures would prove, he even develops a recklessness uncommon of spell casters.

Naturally, as he matured he began to raise questions concerning his origin. Voran and the others made no secret as to Sháel being an orphan, although on Voran’s orders the sword was never mentioned, the boy just wanted to know why he was left there. Why not an actual orphanage instead of a school for magic? Sháel suspected, as did Voran secretly, that whoever left him knew he had magical potential. And what of this innate arcana in him, Sháel wondered. Such abilities are rare and often held significance. And even in the vein of the spells he had learned, Magic Missiles or Lightning Bolts, they somehow still felt foreign to him…

Voran knew with every new inquiry, Sháel would soon grow frustrated at the lack of answers, and by his 110th birthday had decided to reveal the sword and it’s history to him.

The Legacy of Brasidas

On that night, Sháel quietly listened to his Master’s tale concerning the origins of the sword Herclitus…

There is a legend of a devastating blood-feud between 3 brothers: Sinthirus, Daal, and Xenophan. They waged war between their houses for control over an inheritance of vast wealth for they were Draconid offspring of The Dragon Aspect Brasidas, a Primordial from ancient Lore. These Draconids were possessed of an immense power passed down from Brasidas and wielded it without mercy. It was said that that their greed had cost countless lives but, in the end, it was Sinthirus who slew his brothers and ended the terrible war. His weapon was Heraclitus, the sword of Purifying Flame, and it was believed that it was the very breath of Brasidas that smelt its steel during its forging, leading many to suspect Brasidas favored Sinthirus above the others. The story goes on to tell that Sinthirus developed his household into a mighty Kingdom and his lineage had ruled it for generations after his death. However, an unknown Enemy had arose from the darkness to target Sinthirus’s offspring. This mysterious, nameless evil systematically assassinated all of his family, generation to generation, one at a time. In desperation, the last of his ilk were spread apart far and wide, hidden by faithful servants. But so perceptive was this villain, it was assumed all were slain in the end. Sháel, my lad, it is my belief that this broken hilt is indeed the Sword Heraclitus. It acts as proof of your bloodline. You, my lad, are a Draconid sire.”

Sháel had spent a good deal of time soaking it all in. He didn’t understand what to do with such knowledge. Voran had warned him that much of this story was believed to be a fable. It gives references to places and people not known or recorded in the Great Libraries of Nexus. Sháel was then determined to learn more, and decided it was time to leave the Academy.

The Order Custodis

Sháel needed a means to explore the long forgotten civilizations of the world. So it was only natural that he joined the Order of Nexus, whose mission statement involved the investigation and collection of lore from the First Age. It would be his hope that serving under the banner of the Order would bring him closer to the truth of the Draconid Lineage. It was not greed that drove him…but the need for a sense of understanding. There was a reason for his abandonment at the Academy of Arcana, a purpose that must be hidden from him.

For 2 years, Sháel received training in the Order. His first assignment after initiations was to thwart an uprising of Goblin activity in the remote city of Delbrook. It seemed to Sháel that this was a small stepping stone towards the real adventure the Order offered…

7 years, 1,480 cuts and bruises later, Sháel had finally succeeded in the expulsion of the Goblins and their leader, the filthy Hobgoblin Guttel Craw, from Delbrook. Craw was resolute, if not freakishly stubborn, in taking over the city and would not be easily thwarted by the Order’s incursion on his raiding. During this time, Sháel had learned more about Goblin culture than anyone should… ever. Goblin delicacies, religious doctrines, mating rituals and habits, Goblin fashion and even Goblin poetry were now all part of Sháel’s repertoire of knowledge, much to the chagrin of anyone stuck talking with him. Had it not been for the companionship of his teammate, the beautiful halfling thief Charlie, Sháel might have lost much of his sanity. They kindled a special friendship that would soon develop beyond words. Even after they were reassigned back to Nexus, the two were now inseparable and would remain so through many future adventures.

The Flight From Nexus

As Sháel and Charlie arrived back into Nexus to be reassigned to Thomas Hardwill’s team, he dearly hoped to begin a real adventure. Little did he know he’d soon be caught in a series of events that would lead toward an apocalyptic end of the known world. Along with fellow teammates Naria Sylandrian, Dwarven cleric Thorin Oakenshield, Human warrior Zangetsu, Gnome trickster Bungle, the monk Ember, Paladin Hardwill and close friend Charlie, Sháel was soon flung far from Nexus and into the fringes of civilization. The long journey back to Nexus would throw Shael into terrible peril but would also begin to shed some light on his strange past.

While they found shelter in the Duskling Village, Sháel would learn at long last find the first hint of the truth behind the Legend of the Draconids. The Duskilings worshiped an Incarnum Dragon named Keelini and he would reveal to Sháel that he indeed has the blood of Dragons flowing through him. However, the mystery is only deepened when Keelini informs Sháel that his lineage is not of this world. Even with this cryptic revelation, Sháel could at long last identify his strange affinity to magic as a trait passed from a draconic heritage.

Sháel would not learn anything more concerning Brasidas or his past until much later, but his adventures outside the walls of Nexus still had profound effects on his character. He’d witness the deaths of his teammates Bungle and Avindar, the Duskling Custodis memeber and brief but dear friend to him. Sháel would also accidentally cause the death of a dwarven guide by the name of Dagan through the misfire of a spell by allergic reactions. On top of these events, he’d also bare witness to whole communities of villages or cities being obliterated by the rampaging Mishtai. But rather than spiraling into submission over so much death, Sháel utilized the adversity to further bolster his resolve. The world was threatened and Sháel knew he was among the very few that could make a difference.

The Egg

As the company finally returned to Nexus, they eventually found themselves in a strange cavernous lair with an ocean of brilliant light. It was there that Sháel would find an abandoned Dragon egg. It was doomed to die without a parent, and one can speculate if it was out personal empathy or a destined calling that drove Sháel to adopt the egg and try to save it. The egg paralleled Sháel, as both were abandoned and of Draconic heritage.

The Fall of Nexus

In the final days of the city of Nexus, Sháel’s integrity as an adventurer was pushed to its near limits. Facing off against the Green Cloak Regime under the command of Talon, Vampiric assassins, waves of undead, the betrayals of Ellowyn Sylandrian, and even the death of rival-turned-ally (sort of…) Guttel Craw had nearly brought an end to Sháel and the rest of Thomas’s company. But even at the darkest hour when Ellowyn possessed the Mishtai, Sháel stood strong in the face of what seemed to be his final moments…

A Warlock’s Pledge

Following the company’s miraculous escape from the Incarnum Plane, Sháel, like many of the other Order members on the ship, was succumbing to a violent withdrawal of the Incarnum his body had become so used to. He was dying. Charlie, amidst the chaos on the ship, would not leave his side. The egg he had guarded so closely hatched into a young dragonling and it desperately clung to Sháel’s body while he was fading away. During this time, Sháel’s spirit was confronted with the last being he’d ever expected to see. Like a volcanic mountain of unimaginable size, the Dragon Brasidas himself appeared before him. Brasidas revealed to Sháel he was indeed of his lineage but he was no mere Elder Dragon as the fable described, but the actual Primordial of Fire, a Dragon Aspect!

Sháel could barely comprehend what this meant for him. Diluted though it was, he carried the blood of a Primordial. Brasidas had a calling for his young Draconid, and Sháel, seeing his dear Charlie and the others clinging to survival on board the ship, struck a bargain with his ancient Lord:

If I can save Charlie, if I can save my friends, I will be your servant. Ask me what you will, and it shall be done.

Sháel’s charge was to seek out and collect the stones representing the other Aspects. How or why was not revealed. It mattered little to him now. Sháel had finally begun to find his purpose.

As Sháel returned to his body, his blood boiled white-hot as he burst suddenly into flames. This was to be his transformation into something far more powerful than previously imaginable. The heritage in his veins was now galvanized. His eyes were now golden and catlike in appearance, his hair streaked with a soot-like darkness, and he could now wield Arcane fire with devastating skill. He was not just of Draconic heritage anymore but the embodiment of Brasidas’s legacy.

Sháel Taralóm was now a Warlock of the Infernal Draconic Pact.

Sháel Taralóm

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