Torrim Reckitt

Gold. Women. Battle. More gold and women. This is Torrim Reckitt.


Reckitt is an imposing figure of a person. Well over 6’, Reckitt often towers over his foes and his heavily scarred and brawny body only add to his daunting presence. Every detail of Reckitts body, the broken tusk, filthy auburn dreadlocks, unkempt facial hair, tattoo after tattoo after tattoo, is all part of a road map of his harsh existence of booze, warfare, and life on the edge. His sword, aptly named the “Ouch-Maker”, is a wicked blade and so massive even full grown Orcs find it unwieldy. Reckitt is, for all intent and purposes, bad to the bone.


Reckitt is the product of extremely dark magic combined with rigorous warfare training.

Smythe’s Revenge

When Devilin Smythe, the former Court Wizard of the Elven Lord Eversigil, was banished from his homeland for practicing in dark arts long forbidden by his fellow Elves, he thought on nothing but revenge. Through a series of manipulation, coercion, and false promises, Smythe had manage to convince an obscure but extremely violent band of barbarians to forcefully mate with Orcs in service to him. While they were still in the womb, Smythe preformed a series of magical rituals on the fetuses of this crossbreeding to enhance their muscle and instinct development. In essence, Smythe was creating his own private army of super warriors. Among those that survived birth and training until maturity was Torrim Reckitt or, as he was know then, Number 17.

Smythe proceeded to use this contingent of Half-Orc warriors to set an ambush against Lord Eversigil and his Royal Guard. As the Elven Lord was on the road visiting neighboring provinces of his kingdom, they were suddenly thrown in pitch fight with the Half-Orcs. Despite the physical brutality and magical enhancements of the Hal-Orcs, the Royal Guard held their own for as long as they could. It was a vicious battle with heavy casualties on both sides, but in the end the Half-Orcs succeeded and Reckitt himself made the killing blow against Eversigil. Smythe had had his revenge.

Believing they had no further use to him, Smythe ordered the remaing Half-Orcs, Reckitt among them, to turn on each other and fight to the death. Having been under Smythes influence for so long, they complied and began to kill one another. Reckitt sustained serious injuries and collapsed. In the moments before falling unconscious, he felt for the first time what it really meant to be alive and how everything he has done since birth was not of his choice. He was dying and he realized was never really alive…

Armaranth and The Dragon Aspects

Reckitt was rescued and healed by the Sandsinger Illythia and joined her as a mercenary for hire. Reckitt had long decided that the only thing that made sense in the world was gold and the acquisition of it. Gold bought food, women, weapons, and more women, so what else mattered to him? His “father” and “brothers” believed him dead and he possessed virtually zero skills beyond his sword so it only made perfect sense to him that he would sell himself for gold until he died (hopefully in bed with a woman or in battle).

As he found work for Lord Bran of Constamir, Reckitt would soon find himself caught in the events of a world wide invasion of an ancient evil from a distant realm. He and several other adventuring companions would scour the globe in search of the lost Dragon Aspect stones in hopes of using them against the tyrannical Armaranth of Archanost and his demonic allies. In the final apocalyptic confrontation, Reckitt would learn that Armaranth was indeed Devilin Smythe. In the last moments of the battle as the tide was turning, something strange happened that puzzles Reckitt to this day…

A Strange New World

One second Reckitt was fighting his old creator to save the realms, the next he was alone, stranded and disorientated in an unknown land. Reckitt tried in vain to recall how he had arrived to such a foreign land possessed of a deadly ocean of Mist and civilizations he’s never heard of. Stranger still was the fact that no one he encountered had any knowledge of a Constamir or Stones of the Aspects or anything in regard to where he came from. Reckitt was the very definition of lost.

Eventually, Reckitt saw little choice but to start over in life. He once again picked up his sword-for-hire profession in hopes that some how he’ll come across some evidence to his miraculous arrival. He would befriend a fellow mercenary named Zangetsu and spend several years adventuring with him. He even lost his favorite sword to Zan after a drunken bet was made concerning the snapping a kobolds neck with ones butt cheeks (which Zan proved possible).

Ironically, Reckitt would once again bare witness to world altering events involving the fall of Nexus. In the final moments before the city fell to the Mishtai, Reckitt managed to join with Zan and the other escaping Order members on board a mysterious ship capable of Astral Sea transportation. As he arrived on a more familiar world, he realized that he had been stranded all this time on another plane all together and was once again back on his homeworld. But he would soon find that he had been gone much longer than calculated and the world he knew was long gone…

To be Continued…

Torrim Reckitt

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