A mysterious nomad wandering the world. He is often seen aiding simple folk living on the fringes of civilization. It's said the Spirits of Nature give him foresight...


Iroquois is a male human whose age is widely speculated. He stands at 6 feet with long chest length graying black hair tied into lengthy braids. Shamanistic in appearance, his weather beaten clothing is adorned with black raven feathers and and animal pelts. He carries with him a gnarled branch used as a walking stick and a hunting knife fashioned from the tooth of some man-eating creature. The owl, Seto, always travels with him.


A Lone Druid

Little is known concerning Iroquois’s life prior to joining the Order. He appears to have extensive knowledge on tracking, hunting, and basic survival of life on the fringe of civilization. It is possible that for a time he served as a guide for travelers between settlements outside of Nexus as he can foresee where the Mist currents might move and the Order repeatedly sent Iroquois on assignment for this reason.

He often appears aloof and he wears almost no expressions of emotion on his face, which makes it extremely irritating for teammates to joke with him. Nonetheless, his simple approach to situations and obvious kindhearted disposition grows on others and he soon becomes a favorite member in any mission.

Iroquois seemed destined to go far in the Order with it’s need of knowledgeable guides outside the city but, strangely enough, moments before his initiation took place he opted to leave the Order and Nexus immediately. When pressed for his reasons, Iroquois simply stated “the winds have summoned me” and quickly departed.

Exodus of the Druids

It would only be by chance that he would be seen again by former teammates Thomas Hardwill, Zangetsu, and Naria Sylandrian on the outskirts of the border town of Fairweather. As he adventured with them for a short time it was learned that members of his Druid circle, The Nanakii, were leaving the land to “become one with nature again”. When asked to explain what this exactly means, Iroquois described to them that it was long believed that the Nanakii Druids were just visitors from another existence, that they were summoned here long ago by the Spirits of Nature. It is believed that one day they’ll be called away to join with nature once more, literally becoming one the trees, rocks, rivers and all natural life in the realms. A mass exodus of the Druids from the known world it would seem. His sudden departure from Nexus was to heed this call.

The Locke Nahr

Thomas and the others would also discover a dark secret concerning Iroquois’s past. The adventurers were forced at one point to traverse the maddening halls of Tomb of the Four Kings under the city of Strathern, a place where Iroquois had traveled long ago. This dungeon was said to be the gateway to the Locke Nahr, a mysterious force of evil hidden deep within. It was there in the tombs known to drive men insane and steal their souls that the party learned it was here that Iroquois was orphaned. His father was an archaeologist that had attempted to study history of these halls when Iroquois was just a child. Unaware of the danger lurking in the depths, Iroquois’s father brought his wife and two children with him. After the nightmare ensued, only Iroquois manage to escape the tomb.

Change is coming…

After they themselves nearly fell victim to the Locke Nahr, the party escaped the tomb and went on their separate ways from Iroquois. While Thomas and the others were attempting to reach Nexus, Iroquois was roving from one populated settlement to another in order to warn everyone of the enveloping wave of Mist consuming everything in its path, ignoring the call of the Nanakii for as long as he could. His parting words to the group would greatly foreshadow the events to come for them: “The winds speak to me of bitter annihilation and desperate hope. The unknown awaits you in Nexus. Be prepared, change is coming.” Once he departed the city of Peti Couer, he was never seen again…


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