He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And He absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead...


Normally, Thrass appears seemingly unimpressive. He has a slightly pudgy gut, tow-headed, average height, and a high forehead with a widows peak. His clothing is simple with a basic tan cloak, white tunic and leather hiking boots. He often refers to himself as “the Adventurer” and constantly offers a share of his stale biscuits which is all he is ever seen eating. All of this is meant to make him appear harmless. However, Thrass, the real Thrass, is considerably more dangerous than imaginable.


There’s next to nothing in terms of any information concerning the being known as Thrass. Most if not all individuals who encounter him either perish in mysterious circumstances or disappear all together. Whether or not you contribute it to coincidence, nonetheless, Thrass’s trail is littered with death and obscurity.

Here are excerpts from the journal of Mathis Moonstone, an intrepid minstrel and son to Howard Moonstone of Moonpounder Inn. It was found drifting along a river. Heavily damaged and with several pages torn out and considerably outdated, it’s still the most comprehensive collection of info on Thrass known yet.

March 3rd Father is soon retiring as proprietor of the Moonpounder. As it passes to me, I will soon be part of a family tradition that has lasted centuries! I must focus however. Father still wants me to freshen up on recitals for after dinner. Seems my tales have been repetitive of late. I can’t help (unreadable----)creative. Nonetheless, I will be visiting the library for some inspirational bit of history to fluff up. After a few (-—-)atrons don’t care what they’re hearing anyway.

March 4th Plenty of stories i’ve acquired. Strange thing though. Came across something that seemed a bit odd. I glanced at the ill-fated Norx expedition into the northern borders and saw that while in the city of Vaultsberg, Norx’s party hired a guide named Thrass the Adventurer as he was said to be familiar with the northern dialects and main roads. After they left Vaultsberg, the expedition eventually disappeared altogether. Thing is, I was reciting the adventure of Lowell Moonstone and Diana Orepounder and how they first found the gold to build the famous Inn of my family centuries ago. In the story, Lowell is quoted as remarking th(---- --)as bad as that monster Thrass. Adventurer indeed!” I never really thought about that statement before. But the similarities of these two(----- ------—)k and yet they’re over 700 years apart. If it’s one thing I know about stories, there are no coincidences.

Pages missing

March 20th Talked to the Magistrate again. The documents I ordered will be arriving by courier in a few days. If it’s there, that will confirm at least 5 separate passages that mentions of this Thrass character in a time frame of nearly 850 years. The implications _(------------) _but father has yet to understand my reasoning. Lowell specifically mentioned Thrass as a monstrous person. And if it’s the same Thrass as the others then tpage is ripped

March 25th Today it (--)alarming at best. As a bard, I can see how the history of this thing has such small but devastating ripples throughout time. It feels as though I’ve stumbled across a horrible secret not meant for a simple man like myself to discover. Father has grown irritable since i’ve stopped preforming. Perhaps I should talk with him to discuss the nature of my after hour studies. Perhaps he’ll know something concerning our fam(------)undeniable.

pages missing

June 1st Concerning what I said yesterday, it could only mean one thing. Something has changed. The nature of what he was designed for is no longer the primary goal, but it’s somehow expanded?! Waiting for Merrith to arrive from Moorhaven with the cipher is driving me a little nuts. Father isn’t speaking to me. I wish I never heard that name.

June 6th The Death Maggots has hit Moorhaven. Merrith is dead. Of course they’re calling it a plague. They don’t know better. H(--------)s and I fear this could only mean he knows. I might have to leave soon. I don’t know how I’ll convince father to leave the Inn. After all it’s history. To have survived this long is a monument to family traditions. I need sleep. Real sleep.

??? I saw him. He’s here.

I’m hiding in a tree. I’m so scared. I don’t know how he killed them all so fast. How did he find me?

Papa had so many on him. Should I die, learn from my experience. In the Tower of Stars, it i

pages burned or torn out

This last bit was carved crudely on the inner cover of the book in the back with some sort of sharp object

Thrass lives


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