Narya Sylandrian

Quick-tempered and even quicker-bladed, the Azurin Eladrin with the emerald-within-blue eyes bounds into the fray to save her plane and universe from the evil corruption of her twin sister, Illowen, and to uphold the name of the Order Custodis.


STR 20 CON 12 DEX 16 INT 10 WIS 12 CHA 9

AC: 23

HP: 75

Narya strikes with blinding speed with a Duelist’s rapier wielded by her great Sylandrian ancestor.

Fort: 23 Ref: 20 Will: 18

Note: During the transition from 3.5 to 4th Edition, Narya turned from an Azurin (Elf template) to an Eladrin. She, like all Order Members, watched her stigmii disolve and her prized rapier crumble to residuum. Once landed on what we assume to be the Material Plane, Narya discovered the rapier of her Sylandrian ancestors, which she now wields.


Family Narya was born into the aristocratic House Sylandrian. The Sylandrians are a powerful elven line with a long history which they claim can be traced back to the years immediately following the Blight. Though records of that era are quite spotty, there is no question that the Sylandrians have been an influential family in Nexus for several hundred years and enjoy widespread respect and recognition within the Tower of Counselors. However, in recent years, due to its close ties to the Order Custodis, the Sylandrian prestige has begun to falter, and many now see the family as a relic of the past. One notable exception to this decline in popularity is Narya’s younger sister, Illowen, who is renowned for her youthful passion and dedication to the poor. Narya and her sister remain close despite their differences in personality. Narya’s father and mother, Lord Ivellios and Lady Vadania, were always supportive, if a bit frustrated by their eldest daughter, whose passions leaned away from the courtly arts and towards the study of swordplay and acrobatics. As a child, much to her seamstresses’ dismay, Narya’s dresses were always dirty and torn. Ultimately, this situation was remedied by her parents’ eventual relenting and permitting her to wear trousers instead of petticoats. To this day, her hair is still frequently in tangles and her court attire is perpetually wrinkled. In late childhood, after finding her using a tree branch as a weapon and attempting to train alongside the aristocratic boys, Narya’s parents realized that her swordplay passion was not a fleeting fancy and permitted her to train, albeit somewhat secretly, with a master swordsman named Lugh. In order to appease the court, her parents called Lugh her “dancing master.” When it became apparent that she would not participate in her hereditary courtly duties, her parents struggled to find an acceptable place in society for their rebellious daughter. Ultimately, Narya’s recruitment by the Order was a great relief to her parents and a thrilling opportunity to Narya. As a parting gift, she was given her rapier, Dealgán, by Lugh.

+Rinsoir Uisce (Water Dancer) + Narya was trained in a very specific fighting style called Rinsoir Uisce, or Water Dancer. This style emphasizes grace, speed, dexterity, and fluidity of motion. Rinsoir students fight with rapiers, as the slender, sharp blades are the weapons which best embody the Water Dancer values. Rinsoir training takes many years. Narya is somewhat advanced in her training, though she still has many years to go in her training to reach master level.

Appearance Narya is tall and lithe. Graceful and attractive, she is well-muscled for an elf. Her long dark hair is shiny and hangs practically to her waist, but it is slightly tangled and disheveled. Around her neck hangs a delicate silver chain with a signet ring bearing the seal of House Sylandrian. She wears a molded breastplate, finely crafted to fit her form, and a tooled leather scabbard off of her waist. She also carries a heavy steel shield which she wears almost like a cloak—rather than hindering her movements, it seems to complete and follow them through. She wears the regimental cape of the Order Custodis, the Palluda, with the pride and dignity becoming of an initiate. Like all initiates, she was covered in stigmii until the interplanar travel after the Fall of Nexus.

+ Narya’s Goggles+ Over her eyes, Narya wears a pair of dark reflective goggles. These lenses shield her eyes from the sun and from view. They make it difficult to tell precisely where her eyes are focused, though once one is well-acquainted with Narya, her gaze becomes far easier to decipher.

Narya wears her goggles constantly, even while in trance. She is virtually never without them unless she is confident that she will not be seen by any nearby persons or creatures. If one were to happen upon Narya without her goggles, they would see a somewhat unsettling sight—whereas most humanoids’ eyes consist of an iris surrounded by the whites of his or her eye, Narya has bright emerald irises surrounded by pale blue. On some occasions, the blue around Narya’s irises turns deeper or even, on occasion, glows. These changes occur spontaneously and for no apparent reason. Due to the reactions of her family, peers, and acquaintances of her childhood, Narya chooses to keep her eyes covered with her goggles rather than encounter the disquieted stares and whispered questions of those she encounters.

At the time of the Fall of Nexus, Narya finally revealed, in a somewhat melodramatic, apocalypse-inspired kiss, her love for Thomas Hardwill, with whom she had previously, almost constantly fought.

Narya Sylandrian

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