• Grinn


    A mysterious flying devil with an eye for a bargain.
  • Narya Sylandrian

    Narya Sylandrian

    Quick-tempered and even quicker-bladed, the Azurin Eladrin with the emerald-within-blue eyes bounds into the fray to save her plane and universe from the evil corruption of her twin sister, Illowen, and to uphold the name of the Order Custodis.
  • Sháel Taralóm

    Sháel Taralóm

    Lighthearted and reckless, Sháel is a young student of the Arcane seeking to unravel the mystery behind his inherent sorcerery. Every adventure brings him closer to understanding the truth and, perhaps, his destiny...
  • Wren Andlial

    Wren Andlial

    Long of limb and thick of wrist with laughing eyes, a pale sunburnt face and slight stoop to his back.
  • Zangetsu


    An imposing mercenary with a hunger for a challenge, Zan joined the Order Custodis looking for a fight...
  • AbuQir


    A rival to Gluntz, we discovered him to be a skin-spy in Bujarra
  • Balthazar


    Sometimes called The Voice of Din, this man is reputed to restore life to stillborn babies.
  • Devilin Smythe

    Devilin Smythe

    Once the court wizard to Lord Eversigil, he forged a pact with the Old Ones that nearly destroyed everything...
  • Getsuga


    Commander of the southern resistance forces in and near Bujarra
  • Gluntz


    This pampered merchant has a lot of sway in Bujara, and owes us his life.
  • Iroquois


    A mysterious nomad wandering the world. He is often seen aiding simple folk living on the fringes of civilization. It's said the Spirits of Nature give him foresight...
  • Jorus


    A dockworker
  • Memnon Azrael

    Memnon Azrael

    A Tiefling servant of the Raven Queen hoping to secure his own soul...
  • Thrass


    He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And He absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead...
  • Torrim Reckitt

    Torrim Reckitt

    Gold. Women. Battle. More gold and women. This is Torrim Reckitt.
  • Zani


    This young dragon hatched just as the world seemed to be ending.