Paladins of the Flaming Throne

Depending on who you’d speak to, The Paladins of the Flaming Throne were valiant protectors of the realms or malicious persecutors that even Kings feared. Regardless, during their reign they were a firestorm sweeping across the realms and for centuries to come left their mark on the course of history.

The Flaming Throne was born in the kingdom of Madovia. There had been strange occurrences and unexplainable deaths within the royal castle which greatly disrupted the citizenry for months. Palis Strauss, Captain of the Knights of Madovia, investigated the events at great personal risk and ascertained that the King himself had been possessed of some vile demon seeking to destroy the kingdom from within. Strauss and his Knights boldly chained the demon King to his throne and then proceeded set the King ablaze. As their former liege burned to death before them, a sense of a righteous calling overcame the Knights. The world was at risk of a demon infestation, and Strauss believed his Knights were their only help.

From that point on, the newly named Paladins of the Flaming Throne went on a realm wide campaign to purge the demons and evil hidden within civilization. From village to kingdom to continent, The Flaming Throne investigated any and all suspicious individuals on their journeys and quickly executed them after sufficient evidence was claimed. Their method, and eventually what would be their ritual, of execution was to build a pyre in the form of a throne and chain the condemned to it for “purification”.

Over the years, long after the descendants of Strauss passed away, The Flaming Throne grew more liberal in their executions. They often began purging individuals with little or no evidence beyond their personal conviction. It was speculated they would burn political figures only to further their own agenda or even the agenda of any well paying nobleman. How is it that they committed such atrocities and maintained their political immunity? It was strength of their infamy that kept such a fallible organization operating year after year.

The Flaming Throne met its end when they played their hand in the power struggle to control the mysterious Blue Rose. The Throne’s then leader, Paladar Creel, was killed in the epic confrontation with a mysterious adventuring partyy at the Blue Rose’s hidden location. As the months followed, the Flaming Throne imploded from in-fighting and bickering. Millions of lives, of good and evil, were lost during the centuries of their persecutions. The Flaming Throne would not be easily forgotten.

Paladins of the Flaming Throne

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