The Federation

(This is a plot element in the works and not meant to be considered canon to the Blue Rose universe)

The Confederate States of Northica, often referred to as The Confederacy, was formed 2 centuries ago, far to the Northern end of the realm. This powerful authoritarian government and law-enforcement organization was created when various territorial states of the North usurped the their decadent monarchy in order to end the pandemic strife of poverty and territorial wars. Since its unification, The Confederacy’s economy prospered substantially from the rigorously enforced new laws and vast collection of resources from its widespread states. In time, The Confederacy would grow to be one of the major ruling super-powers of the known realms with it’s boon of advancing technology and daunting military might.

Recently, The Confederacy began expanding its borders in attempt to unify the entire continent of the realm. It is their belief that a singular ruling government of the realm was necessary to end territorial strife among the independent kingdoms a bring a universal peace to the people. The Confederacy did provide benefits unimaginable to the commoner such as a polished health-care system, guaranteed income from its vast array of industrial work, and one of the most advanced military seen in the realms. However, these boons came at a heavy cost of personal freedom: 1st Class Citizenship required all individuals to be involved in the military, taxes and laws are heavily, if not at times brutally, enforced, and the use of magic is strictly limited.

Many foreign countries found these laws too invasive and stripped the ethnic individuality of its people. A great disdain for the Confederacy grew in the south and the border countries refused to fall under its banner. But the North saw no other way around it, either all foreign governments ally themselves to the Confederacy and its regulations or they would be considered hostile territories subject to invasion.

The Federation

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