The Silver Shield

Not much can be said of the secret society of the Silver Shield. It is common knowledge that the Shield was formed by like minded individuals who sought to protect the known world from the paramount evils that rise in the realms. They operate from the shadows and rarely gather in numbers. Rather than working on the offensive personally, they act as information gatherers, lore keepers, and guides to the actual heroes that would confront the current evil. It was believed that, for a time, they acted as guardians to the Blue Rose.

So obscure were their activities that one cannot be sure they still exist and operate today.

Members of the Shield are identified by some sort of pin, necklace, or embroidery in the shape and color of a silver shield hidden on their persons. It’s said to avoid forgery each Shield symbol has some sort of arcane enchantment that when activated proves the authenticity of the membership. There are said to be other extensive means of identification to prevent security breaches.

The Shield, in order to keep a watchful eye over the realms, attempt to secure an agent in every heavily populated territory possible. The homes of these agents often double as safe houses for other Shield agents and various adventurers in their ploy. How they’re found still remains a mystery.

The Silver Shield

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